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Step 1

* Resume should be submitted to check for eligibility.

Resume must have the following:

  • Most recent photo
  • Name, E-mail address
  • Total numbers of years of teaching experience
  • Highest Educational Attainment (specify your area of concentration)
  • Year graduated
  • Name of School, Country ( e.g., Cebu Normal University, Philippines)
  • Start with the most current teaching position with inclusive years
    • Name of school
    • Subject
    • Grade levels you are teaching
  • PRC Teaching License (area of specialization)
  • Date obtained

  • At least 3 trainings or seminars attended (highlight the trainings directly related to the position you are applying for)
  • Provide 3 references
    • School Principal
    • Supervisors
    • Co-teachers
* Make sure to provide your references’ working e-mail address.
Submit the following documents as well:
  • Current Passport Biodata Page (passport must be good for at least 1-2 years)
  • Copy of your original TOR
  • Copy of your current teaching license
  • Good Standing Certificate
  • Foreign Credential Evaluation Report
  • NBI Clearance/ Fingerprinting (Background Check)

Step 2

Online Interview for Initial Screening
  • Make sure that internet connection is stable, audio and video are working well.
  • Room must be quiet and well-lit and free from interruptions.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Required to pass 2 interviews for initial screening.

Step 3

Submission online
  • Complete the online application to job posting links of partner schools.
  • Partner schools will contact you directly for interviews.

Step 4

Partner School Interview:
  • The school principal/HR will contact you directly to give and confirm your interview schedule.
  • Accept and welcome any interview schedule and select the earliest date possible.
  • Prepare and be ready.
Preparing for the Interview:
  • Dress professionally and check device audio and video.
  • Research about the host school vision and mission, population, students etc. This may help you answer interview questions such as “ What can you contribute to our school?”
  • When given a chance to ask question by the interviewer(s), ask a question with regards to students and the school culture alike.

Step 5

You are Hired:
  • Once hired, you will be provided with your JOB OFFER and hiring packet by HR.
  • To signify your acceptance of the offer, you will have to sign and email the document back to HR.
  • After the Job Offer is signed by both parties, you will have to provide Career Studios a copy of your Job Offer to start the process of your Visa Application.


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